Report Text

Teks Report (Report Text) memiliki kemiripan dengan teks deskripsi yang dimana di dalamnya menggambarkan sesuatu bisa benda, makhluk hidup, atau fenomena secara detail berdasarkan keterangan-keterangan mendalam. Untuk lebih detail, silahkan pehatikan di bawah ini.

A. Definition of Report Text
It is an English text that describes something such as objects, living things or phenomena in detail and specific according to research or deep observation.
(Merupakan sebuah jenis teks bahasa inggris yang menggambarkan sesuatu seperti benda, makhluk hidup ataupun fenomena-fenomena secara detail dan specific menurut penelitian ataupun observasi yang mendalam)

B. Social Function
To describe the way of anything that refers to various natural phenomena, manmade or social in our environment.
(Untuk mendeskripsikan cara segala sesuatu, dengan mengacu pada berbagai fenomena alam, buatan manusia atau sosial di lingkungan kita)

C.    Generic Structure
1. Generic Classification
To tell about phenomenon that is being discussed by the writer.
(Menceritakan fenomena yang sedang dibicarakan oleh penulis)

2. Description
To tell what the phenomenon under discussion for instance in terms of (1) parts, (2) qualities, (3) habits or behaviors (if living).
(Menceritakan fenomena-fenomena apa yang dibahas dalam hal (1) bagian-bagiannya, (2) kwalitasnya, (3) kebiasaannya ataupun tingkah lakunya (jika hidup)


Report Text
Contoh Report Text

Bujuk Lanceng’s Inheritance, Bangkalan
(Harta Peninggalan Bujuk Lanceng, Bangkalan)

General Classification

Bujuk Lanceng is located in Kebbalan village, Tanah Merah Bangkalan, East Java. Bujuk is a title which is given by Muslim people to someone who been considered to be guide by doing worship regularly while lanceng is a name of the title. Lanceng means young in English. Local people clarify that he passed away when he was still young, not more than 30 years old. There are 2 important inheritances those are Langgar (a little mosque) and Gentong (large earthenware bowl for water). Both will be explained as follows.

Description 1

The age of langgar is very old, about more than 1 century. The family members disagree if it is under renovation because they do regard to Bujuk Lanceng’s inheritance. Now the langgar is still used to pray by the family member, especially an old woman, named Mik Hari. The name is very famous for the local people. So it will be easy to find for foreigners if they want to visit or even ask something further.

Description 2

The gentong does not put in a kitchen but in a special room. The height of the gentong is about 50 cm and so does the width. The shape is very unique. The old woman keeps it carefully because it is very useful for the people around for recovery. Usually when one of family members is sick, another member asks the old woman some water from it. Sometimes she gives some suggestions what to do.

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