Going to the Doctor

going to doctor
Going to the Doctor

Years ago, on Tuesday, 25th of November 2014. I did not feel well. At that day, people could say that I was sick. In the early morning, I decided to be absent, not to go to campus. I thought that going to a doctor was important at the time.

I am anxious to know about my body’s condition. Then registered to Puskesmas (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat) near my house in Surabaya. After I entered the doctor’s room, I told what I felt in my body honestly.

I was anxious to know what would the doctor said but there were not any talk too much. She instructed me to lay down. Then she tried to examine me by checking my blood pressure first. Then she told me that the pressure was high. I supposed, because of that, I felt my body hot and I did not really feel well. That was “What a day”.

After that, the doctor gave some injection. I felt pain on my arm but I did not think about that. The most important for me was I could be healthy more. The doctor finally gave me some advice that better if I got plenty of sleep, drinking mineral water as much as possible and eating good meals.

On the other hands, doctor gave me some pills. I had to take the pills 3 times in a day. That was to make my body’s condition well. On the way home, I bought a bottle of mineral water right away. The price was only Rp.3.000 while the good meals, sorry I could not remember that.

After I ate and drank all the good meals, I took a rest and felt asleep for long time. I finally got well in 2 days. It was good for me and I did not forget to pray and thank you to Allah. Allah was the greatest.

This article titled "My Daily Activity" was written in 2013. And edited and Posted in 2022.

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