30 Tebak-Tebakan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tebak-Tebakan Bahasa Inggris
30 Tebak-Tebakan dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tebak-tebakan dalam bahasa Inggris tentu bukan semata melatih kemampuan menjawab pertanyaan versi bahasa Indonesia. Melainkan pula melatih kemampuan bahasa Inggris karena tebak-tebakan yang akan disajikan menggunakan fully English. 

30 Tebak-Tebakan dalam bahasa Inggris di bawah ini adalah tebak-tebakan dasar bahasa Inggris yang cocok untuk anak-anak sekolah mulai dari tingkat SD, SMP, hingga SMA. 

Berikut tebak-tebakannya, lengkap dengan jawabannya. Disimak dengan baik yaa..  

1. The fourth month is … (April).

2. She can paint a good picture … (painter).

3. Tahar Lebo is teaching at SMP 1 Surabaya, he is a … (teacher).

4. Someone who leads the school is … (headmaster/headmistress).

5. You wear them on your feet it is … (shoes).

6. He is good at typing fast (typist).

7. A baby sheep is … (lamb).

8. A room for guest is … (dining room).

9. This person creates computer program he is … (programmer).

10. The month before July is … (June).

11. The king of Jungle is … (lion).

12. My uncle makes furniture he is … (carpenter).

13. The famous animal from Australia, it is … (kangaroo).

14. This person defends his country from enemies he is … (soldier).

15. He is a professional badminton player he is … (athlete).

16. After Friday is … (Saturday).

17. An animal that gives dengue fever, it is … (mosquito).

18. We feel hot in this season, in Indonesia, it is … (dry season).

19. The shape earth is … (round).

20. This person helps a doctor in the hospital … (nurse).

21. A baby dog is … (puppy).

22. Antonym of bright is … (dark).

23. This month is the independence day of Indonesia it is … (August).

24. The synonym of study is … (learn).

25. An animal that always makes chirp … (bird).

26. There are 24 hours in a … (day).

27. When we want to cut our hair, we go to … (barber shop).

28. This animal lives in the people’s hair it is … (tick).

29. We use this to hold up our trousers it is … (belt).

30. It can fly on the sky there are some passengers in it. It is a … (plane).

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