Recount Text

Teks Rekon (Recount Text) merupakan teks yang yang menceitakan ataupun memberi informasi ataupun pengalaman yang terjadi pada masa lalu. Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut, perhatikan di bawah ini.

Definition of Recount Text
It is one type of English text that retells the events or experiences happened in the past.
(Teks rekon merupakan salah satu jenis teks genre dalam bahasa inggris yang menceritakan kembali suatu kejadian maupun pengalaman dimana kejadian tersebut terjadi pada masa lalu).

Social Function

To report events or activities which have aim those are to give information or entertain without any conflict in the story.
(Melnceritakan peristiwa atau kegiatan dengan satu tujuan yakni memberikan informasi juga menghibur tanpa ada konflik dalam cerita tersebut).

Generic Structure
1. Orientation
Provides information about who, where, and when events or activities occurred in the past.
(Memberikan informasi tentang siapa, dimana, dan kapan peristiwa atau kegiatan itu terjadi di masa lalu).

2. Events
Records of events that occur are usually delivered in chronological order.
(Jejak peristiwa yang terjadi pada masa lalu. Biasanya disampaikan dalam urutan secara teratur).

3. Re-orientation
A personal comment about the event or what happened in the end of the story.
(Komentar (pribadi) tentang acara atau apa yang terjadi di akhir cerita tersebut).

Example of Recount Text

Recount Text
Going to Concert

Orientation :

On Saturday night, my three friends and I went to Noah’s concert in Sidoarjo, East Java. I forgot when it happened but I remembered that the show started at 08.00 o’clock until the midnight. It was really my first time watching live show.

Event 1 :

There are many people in the show area. They all are Noah’s lovers. The concert was great with the 2 emcees, a man and a woman. They seemed to be friendly by greeting all the audiences. Additionally, the stage was really fantastic with its unique light and so was the sound system. There were also selfie areas around the field of the show. We were really able to enjoy the good atmosphere beeing there.

Event 2 :

After the show finished, my friends and I decided to back home. One of them asked me to stay a night and then I agreed with the offer. Before going to bed we had dinner together. In the night I was able to sleep well.

Re-Orientation :

In the next morning, my friend woke up me and asked my opinion about the show. I said, It was fantastic show and I like it a lot. It was also my best experience to see popular artist directly.

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