Narrative Text

Teks Naratif (Narrative Text) merupakan teks yang di dalamnya terdapat hal yang bisa menghibur pembaca mau[un pendengar. Untuk lebih jelasnya perhatikanlah di bawah ini :

A. Definition of Narrative Text
To tell events happened in the past and to entertain readers or listeners.
(Menceritakan kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau dan untuk menghibur pembaca atau pendengar)

B. Social Function
To entertain related to actual or vicarious experience in different ways such as fantasy, engineered real story, or failry tale. In narratives text there must be problematic events but finally it gets solution.
(Untuk menghibur yang berhubungan dengan pengalaman sebenarnya atau dialami orang lain dengan cara yang berbeda seperti khayalan, kisah nyata yang direkayasa, atau dongeng. Dalam teks narasi harus ada peristiwa-peristiwa yang bermasalah tetapi akhirnya mendapatkan pemecahan masalah)

C. Generic Structure
1. Orientation
To introduce readers or listeners about the character of the story and also tell when and where the story happened.
(Memperkenalkan pembaca atau pendengar tentang karakter cerita dan juga menceritakan kapan dan dimana cerita itu terjadi)

2. Complication
It tells readers or listeners where a crisis arises in the story.
(Menceritakan pembaca atau pendengar dimana saat genting timbul dalam cerita)

3. Resolution
The crisis is resolved for the better or for worse.
(Saat genting terpecahkan lebih baik atau lebih buruknya)

The Example of Narrative Text

Narrative Text
Going to Malang
(Pergi ke Malang)

Orientation :

One day, when I was at 6th grade of elementary school I went to Malang with my all teachers and some students who joined with the recreation event. I enjoyed swimming and driving a small car there. Basically, there were two places which were visited by us those were Surabaya zoo and a recreation place it was in Sengkaling, Malang. Everything is enjoyable but I got a bit complication in the cold city, Malang.

Complication :

Once I was alone in the area of recreation, Sengkaling then I saw my friends from long distance they tried to come into a ship. I tried to catch them but I could not. After I got the entrance there were not my friends anymore. They probably have come into the ship.

I thought it was free to get in but a door keeper did not allow me without buying ticket. It did not matter to me to buy it because I still had enough money at the time. After buying the ticket I got into the ship right away.
There were many dark rooms in it. I heard noisy sounds and I began to be afraid. I was thrilled at the sight of ghosts and devils. It was really terrible situation for me.

It was really my time to focus finding the exit. Things that I was able to do are I dared myself not to be afraid and I had to be brave. I trained myself to be in hell because I believe that it is a place thriller

In fact, I was not able to be in such situation. I tried not to see around because it would make me more and more afraid of it. I just shouted and ran but no any my friends in it until I found the exit.

Resolution :

I finally found them not far from the exit. I told them what happened. Then they laughed me but also entertained me. Then I felt better than before. It was a pride for me and for them because I was able to go through it by myself. It was really my unforgettable experience

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