Spoof Text

Teks spoof (Spoof Text) merupakan teks yang menceritakan tentang suatu kejadian yang terjadi pada masa lalu dan di dalamnya terdapat cerita yang lucu. Lihatlah detailnya:

A. Definition of Spoof Text
To tell events in the past with unexpected endings that makes the story funny.
(Menceritakan suatu kejadian di masa lalu dan di akhir cerita tedapat cerita yang lucu secara tidak disangka-sangka.

B. Social Function
To retell events to reader which has an aim, it is to inform or entertain.
(Menceritakan kembali peristiwa-peristiwa kepada pembaca yang memiliki tujuan yaitu untuk memberi informasi atau menghibur)

C. Generic Structure
1. Orientation
To tell about who is the character in the story and also tell when and   where the events happened.
(Menceritakan tentang siapa tokoh dalam cerita tersebut dan juga menceritakan kapan dan dimana peristiwa itu terjadi)

2. Events
Telling something happened of the story.
(Menceritakan sesuatu yang terjadi di cerita tersebut)

3. Twist
It is an unpredictable plot in the end of the story which amuses the reader.
(Isi cerita yang tidak terduga di akhir peristiwa yang menghibur pembaca)

Spoof Text
Example of Spoof Text
Selling a Goat
(Menjual Kambing)


One day there was a man named Pak Tibah. He was asked by his father in law to sell a goat in traditional market named Pasar Sattoan. The goat is priced at Rp.300.000. He did not have an expert to sell anything. The best thing that he had was honesty.

Event 1 

In the next morning, Pak Tibah took the goat to the traditional market on foot. He did not go there by a public transportation which usually took some kinds of animals. One of his reasons was the location was not really far from his house to the market.

Event 2

After getting there, many people offered the goat with different prices but none offered it with exact price. He waited for the buyers till he spent the opening hours. After that he decided to go home without bringing amount of money because the goat was unsold.

Event 3

The father in law waited for him for many hours at home and hoped the goat was sold. An amount of money was really needed by him at the time. After Pak Tibah got home, the father in law asked “Why the goat is still with you? Was the goat unsold?”


“It was unsold with the hoped price” “The price was less and even more than the hoped price” replied the man. Some of them offered it Rp.350.000 and even more than that. He did not allow them because it was not based on the hope of father in law.

Oh my god. I never think that you will be stupid. I asked you to sell the goat Rp.300.000 but if it was more than the price why did not you sell it? Will not it be an advantage? The father in law said.

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