I like Watching Cartoon Films

I like watching cartoon
I like watching cartoon
Talking about hobbies, sometimes people are confused what hobbies they like. For me, telling about hobbies are easy to explain. Any kinds of hobbies I like, such as watching TV, jogging, playing football, even watching cartoon and reading comic.

In this good occasion, I will explain a hobby that I like very much. The hobby, I mean is watching cartoon and reading comic. Well, listening cartoon and comic must be so popular for you, right? Okay then, I will give some reasons why I like them all.

Firstly, cartoon is a funny and cute animation pictures. We usually watch it on TV while comic is funny picture can be seen at a newspaper, magazine, or comic books. Most of comic tell about funny stories. It entertains readers Upin & Ipin, Ultraman, Tayo, Detective Conan, and many 

Secondly, cartoon is a single picture that express a daily life. The use of language are easy to understand so that is why people and even children like cartoon very much. The unique of cartoon film is mostly cartoon telling about criticize government policy, political issues, and disaster. Of course, everything is dramatic. I do like them all. What about you?

Third, usually cartoon shown in animation shapes. As we know, there are some famous cartoon animations such as Pocahontas (Shrek), Lion King, and others. Everything made using computer graphic. It really looks good and excellent. Do you agree with my opinion? I hope so.

Indeed, I have many kinds of hobbies. They are watching TV, Jogging, playing football, and reading. One reason especially for reading, I like it because of reading, I can get information and of course knowledge. Furthermore, a hobby that I like very much. The hobby, I mean is watching cartoon and comic. I also give the reasons why so.

This article titled "My Daily Activity" was written in 2013. And edited and Posted in 2022.

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