When I went Shopping at Supermarket

at supermarket
When I went Shopping at Supermarket

That day was on Sunday, 27th of October 2014. The time showed 2 p.m. I wanted to go to one of supermarket near my house to buy some necessity, especially bathing needs. Now, I would like to tell you my story when I went shopping especially bathing needs.

Talking about needs, especially bathing ones, there are so many needs like soap, shampoo, facial soap, toothpaste, and so on. What I bought at the supermarket was as mentioned above so for more detail, I still had a note or list that I bought at that time. I would explain also, based on their function.

First, I bought a bottle of shampoo. It was Lifebuoy BW MC100. It was not too small. The price was just about Rp9.000 so it was not too expensive, I think. The functions are to be able make my hair smooth, clean, and healthy. I did like the smell because it was fragrant enough.

Second, I bought a bottle of Nivea Men FF OCWL. It were to use special to wash my face. I prefer that brand than others. Some of the functions from the facial soap were to make my face fresh, and helps to prevent from acne and over of oil on my face. The price was about Rp.18.600.

Third, I bought one toothpaste, it is close up ICY WHT, the price was just Rp8.700. as we know, the functions are to keep my teeth healthy, fresh, and good for my mouth. Those were three kinds of my bathing needs. I bought them at the Supermarket near my house.

In short, I bought three kinds of my bathing needs. Those are shampoo, facial soap named Nivea Men, and toothpaste. The price of the shampoo was t about Rp9.000. The price of facial soap was about Rp.18.600. The price of toothpaste was Rp8.700.

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