A Story When My Grandfather Passed Away

When My Grandfather Passed Away
A Story When My Grandfather Passed Away

That day was Wednesday, November 27th 2013. I have a story that impossibly forget in my life. It is all about destiny. So, as a good Moslem, we need to be patient on this. Anything I will tell you here is a little story about time when my grandfather passed away.

That day started by my activities. It was not free time for me. I went to campus by motorcycle. Not long after I entered my class, suddenly my brother called me exactly at 09.30 a.m. then he told me that my grandfather passed away. 

I was sad at the time. On the phone, he gave me some advice and suggestion like better if I went home early also took my aunt, Aria home because at the time there was no one helps her to take home. 

My grandfather was in Bangkalan, Madura. We needed long time to get there. There, I helped everything based on the need especially for the corpse. I greeted people who come to our house. I also watered the dead body. We needed to help each other on that.

After that, we wrapped the corpse by using shroud. After that, we prayed it together in the Langgar. I mean Langgar is a place to do worship with a small capacity. Then, we took the corpse to the area of grave near our house. 

From house to the area of grave, we only needed about 15 minutes on foot. On the way the grave, we recited “Laa ilaha illallah Muhammadurrasulullah” together. For me as a Moslem, it was really an expressive sound for me. After getting there, we buried it and prayed together right away.

In the evening exactly after Maghrib, we prayed together for my grandfathe. People who came to our house about 100 people. After praying together, we served food and drink. We called it as “Shadaqah”. We celebrated praying together until the 7th day.

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