Traditional Indonesian Foods

Traditional Indonesian Foods
Tahu Campur is One of Traditional Indonesian Foods

Before I explain about traditional Indonesian foods, let me tell you about myself first. My nickname is Tahar Lebo. Most of friends, usually call me Tahar. Now, I study at PGRI Adi Buana Surabaya University. My major is English education Department. I like this major a lot. That is all about me and let me continue to explain about traditional Indonesian foods.

One of my goal learning about traditional Indonesian foods is I want to prepare myself knowing popular foods in Indonesia. If I meet foreigners
and they ask me about it, I think I will be able to explain them easily. After I read books and other references, now I a little know about traditional Indonesian foods. I will explain some below.

In fact, there are several local foods and drinks in this country, Indonesia. We can find some in several areas, from Sabang to Merauke.

In Southeast Sulawesi, we can buy and have Kasuami and Sinonggi. We can buy them in the traditional market. Those foods are so tasty and the price is not too expensive. You should try if you never have them.

People in the central of Sulawesi have Kaledo and Duo that are nice, too. In Gorontalo, we can find other special foods. There, we can have Binte Biluhuta. In North Sulawesi, we can have Bubur Manado. It is very delicious and rich of vitamins. Usually, people have it for breakfast. Those mentioned are special foods that we can find in Sulawesi.

In other parts of Indonesia like Kalimantan, Sumatera, and Java, there are also several special foods. In Kalimantan, for example, we can find Soto Banjar and Ketupat Kandangan. While in Sumatera, we can have Rendang Padang and also Empek-Empek Palembang. While in Java, we can find and eat and Gudeg Jogja and Soto, and Sate Madura.

All in all, my nickname is Tahar and I am interested in learning about traditional Indonesian foods. After I read books and other references, I find some traditional Indonesian foods which can be found in different areas in Indonesia like Kasuami and Sinonggi, Kaledo and Duo, Binte Biluhuta, Ketupat Kandangan, and Sate Madura.

This article titled "Traditional Indonesian Food" was written in 2014. And edited and Posted in 2023.

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