My Way How Making Plans

my way making plans
My Way Making Plans

Today is Saturday, 22nd of August 2014. Because today is Saturday, so tomorrow must be Sunday. I think I will have nothing to do tomorrow. I would like to make a plan to do, but I cannot think getting decision very fast. I usually have my way how making plans, it is based on my experience. Let me think first.

Several weeks ago, I went to Kenjeran beach. Everything was beautiful, but I thought it was not good to visit there because the weather was a bit hot. Even though the location was near from my house, I thought better if I do not visit there but another interesting place in Surabaya.

Perhaps this would be a good chance to go to Surabaya zoo. I liked to go for walk and saw many kinds of animals in it. I wanted to go there with my girlfriend, Nasya. It should be an interesting experience for me.  After I thought it further, I was not sure if I visit there. Better if visit there in another time.

May be going to Tunjungan Plaza Mall was good for me. Actually, I have been there three times. I like the place because it is huge and large. There, I would be able to go shopping. There we had some souvenirs, good dresses, shoes, and even food court. On the other hand, I could see theater films I like. The last, I chose Tunjungan Plaza as good place to visit.

Finally, before I planned to go somewhere, I usually make a plan first based on my own experience. There were some good places those were Kenjeran beach, Surabaya zoo, and Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. The last, I chose one of them and I finally planned to go to Tunjungan Plaza for my weekends. That was my my way how to make plans. 

This article titled "My Way How Making Plans" was written in 2014. And edited and Posted in 2023. 

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