My Aunt’s New House

My Aunt’s New House
My Aunt’s New House at Village

That day was on Sunday, October 5th 2014. I visited to my aunt’s new house. My aunt and her husband bought the house several weeks before. Suddenly, they asked me to help buying many things needed for their house.

What to buy was some, so I thought that better if we bought anything near the house. I gave recommendation to my aunt that a traditional market was good as a place to buy. It was because the market, available many things needed for the new house.

The example of things needed at the time were some electrical appliances such as refrigerator, gas stove, TV, and CD player. Looking from the fees, some were expensive and others are cheap. Each of the appliances, based on their quality.

Beside of that, we also bought kitchen utensils such as frying pan, boiling pan, kettle, and so on. All the utensils were to use while cooking. Looking at the fees, kitchen utensils were cheaper than the electrical appliances.

The last, we bought washing utensils to wash our clothes such as bucket, wash tube, floor brush, scrubbing board, and so on. We bought also an iron board iron our clothes before they put them in the cupboard.

At the time, I felt so happy because I could help my aunt for her new house. I did not hope something I got from her like money or other something worth, but because they gave me ones, I could not refuse it. I thought it was luck.

Completely, I have been at my aunt and her husband to help buying many things needed for their house. We went to a traditional market to buy anything needed. What we bought were like some electrical appliances, kitchen, and washing utensils.

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