Celebrating A Hero Day in 2014

Celebrating A Hero Day
Celebrating A Hero Day in 2014

That day was on Monday, 10th of November 2014. At that day, I got up early at about 04.00 o’clock. After praying Shubuh, I did jogging in 1 hour. After jogging, I took a bath, and had breakfast and then I went to campus celebrating the hero day.

A good information for me at the time was that on a hero day, we have free time. No any subjects in the campus. We just celebrated the hero day by flying the flag at field of campus. It was not must for us to wear hero’s shirt but we had awareness to wear it. Do you happen to know like what is the hero’s clothes? 

Yaps the hero’s clothes was like Loreng clothes. Well, for this good occasion, I was trying to remember the celebration of the hero day happened several years ago. Here was the arrangements of the celebration.

First, we did a usual ceremony by flying flag and we also singing a national anthem of Indonesia. During the ceremony, we should keep the noisy. We must focus on doing the ceremony as well. Actually, it was not very long time. It was just about 45 minutes.

Second, the ceremonial coach, head of rector said thank you for all the participants of the ceremony. At the day, the weather was hot but we could finish the celebration very well.

Third, one unique moment was when some our friends turned firework on. It looked very fantastic. All the participants of the ceremony felt happy with that and even most of us gave applause because of the firework.

Finally, this kind of ceremony always celebrate on November 10th once in a year especially in the environment of campus. The ceremony sometimes is simple but sometimes special. For campus, the celebration is one of important agendas. For students, very important to join because there will be points from campus which are needed before graduation.

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