Discussion Text

Teks diskusi (Discussion Text) merupakan teks yang menceritakan tentang suatu kejadian dimana di dalamnya terdapat pemasalahan.

A. Definition of Discussion Text
A text which contains a problem in the discourse.
(Sebuah text yang berisi tentang wacana yang bermasalah.

B. Social Function
To present two points of view or even more than two related to the issue chosen.
(Untuk menyajikan dua sudut pandang dan bahkan lebih dari dua yang berhubungan pokok persoalan yang dipilih)

C. Generic Structure
1. Issue
Stating the issue which is discussed by the writer
(Menyatakan masalah yang dibahas oleh penulis)

2. Supporting Points
To present the points in supporting the presented issue

3. Contrasting points
To present other points which disagree to the supporting points.
(Menghadirkan poin-poin yang tidak setuju dengan poin pendukung)

4. Recommendation
Stating the recommendation of writer on the issue which is being discussed in the hope that the readers are able to approve the writer’s recommendation.

Example of Discussion Text
Discussion Text
Good and Bad Impacts of Living in City

Good and Bad Impacts of Living in City
(Dampak baik dan buruk tinggal di kota)

Every people will think that living in city and village have different environment but each of them will not have the same opinions which one do they like best to occupy. Living in city gives luxury and ease to fulfill anything based on their need. In fact, there are good impacts and bad ones which may not to be realized living in city. Pro-contra of the opinions will be a nice topic to be discussed among society.

Supporting Points

The good impacts are able to be seen by us seeing the kinds of facilities related to interesting places, educations, jobs, and medical centers. Each of them will explain as follows:
In interesting places they usually have parks, botanical garden, zoos, malls, and museums.

They usually get better education than in village. Students are able to get advanced knowledge because of the better quality and progress in schools, universities, and even other educational institutions.
Additionally, they also have good opportunities to get jobs in some places which cause many kinds of buildings such as factories, restaurants, cafes, and so on. 

Contrasting Points 

On the other hand, the factories are close each other and even close with residences. Additionally, the volumes of vehicles are very crowded. Those conditions cause many kinds of pollutions such as air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. They usually do not have large land to plant fruits, vegetables, rice, and beans. They usually consume the fast foods which are harmful for their health.

Several things which are able to be done by local government and anyone who lives in city and are; they should open large land to plant some rice, keep the city green by planting trees on the left and right sides of the main streets. Additionally, always develop the tourism and green areas such as zoos, parks, and swimming pools. People should also support the effort of government and keep their own environment from the garbage so that they are able to live in clean and cool areas.

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