My Daily Activities

my daily activity
My daily activity

Every people must have different activities in their life and so do I. There is one important thing that we have to remember, any activities we do must be positive and productive and do not forget that we have to feel enjoy for that ones.

Like a usual activities, it starts from getting up. In the morning, I get up at 5 a.m. then I tidy my bedroom, take a bath, and ritual ablution. Doing down prayer is must for me because I am a Moslem. After that, I have breakfast. Well, now I want to tell you my daily activities

First, I go to campus at 6 a.m. by and motorcycle. It usually takes me 45 minutes from my house to my campus. It is really far enough for me. I study at campus until 12 p.m. but sometimes I have additional time for a certain subjects.

Second, after I finish study at campus, I still have some other activities I do such as I visit a library and read English books in it. I like reading very much because of it I can get knowledge. I like the place because the room is so silent so that is why I can focus to read.

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Third, at Dzuhur time, I do not forget to pray noon prayer in a mosque. I do it at about 1 p.m. sometimes I pray by myself and sometimes I pray together with other Moslem people. After that, I take a rest for a short time.

Fourth, I go to work at Manyar street number 47 Surabaya. I work there as cleaner. It serves Chinese, Javanese, and Japanese food. Most of people enjoy the food because of the taste. You should try taste the food if you are curious. Well, from my workplace I go home at 10 p.m. That is all my daily activities I usually do. Even though I feel tired but I feel fun and happy. Those are the examples of My Daily Activities.

This article titled "My Daily Activity" was written in 2013. And edited and Posted in 2023.  

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