An Interesting Day for Me

an interesting day for me
An Interesting Day for Me When I was at Surabaya Zoo (2014)

At that day was 18th of December 2014. In the morning, I got ready to go to campus because there were vocabulary and structure subjects. After I got there, one of my lecture, Mr. Nabhan could not face the class because of a workshop. I am pleased to hear that at the time.

Then, I decided to do some activities could make and feel happy. Finally, I did interesting things to do. Could you guess, what are those? Yes, in this nice chance, I would like to tell story why I considered that the day was as an interesting day for me.

For me, without having class could make me easy to go anywhere I like. That is why I looked for some interesting places to visit. At the time, I visited a zoo, named Surabaya Zoo. I enjoyed going there although I was alone. I was able to see many kinds of animal like camels, tigers, monkeys, and many others.

I like the zoo a lot because it was large and clean. If I am not mistaken, I have been there for four times since I was a child started when I was sixth graders. I do recommend you to visit Surabaya Zoo as fastest possible.

Times refers to 11.30 a.m. it was time to pray Dzuhur together. Fortunately, there were small mosque in the area of Surabaya zoo. After praying, I read Qur’an for a short time and after that, I decided to take a rest at the mosque area about one hour.

Third, I went to one of coffee shop near the mosque. I called the shopkeeper and ordered a glass of white coffee. I liked white coffee a lot at that time. In the coffee shop, available newspaper. I read it for a short time. I like reading so much and you ?

I enjoyed that day. It was an interesting day for me. I did interesting things to do. Those were visiting to Surabaya Zoo. I prayed in mosque near the zoo and took a rest there. I went to one of coffee shop near the mosque as well.

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